Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I did not think that I would be one of those people who constantly relives bits and pieces of high school (the glory or the gore). Surely, I told myself, I was more mature. High school was fun, but I moved forward, made new friends, had new experiences. Left high school in the dust. Really.
Ha. So, this past weekend was my 20 year reunion. No possible way I am that old. I do not feel old. And I was only a little prepared for feeling swamped by all the familiar faces and feelings of high school. It was wonderful to see everyone again - to catch up with them and meet their families - It was an adrenalin rush and a contstant perma-grin kind of weekend. But it was also a throwback to the days of feeling insecure and one step out of synch. The days of being a nerd who reads too much, who never sluffed a class or missed an assignment. Who never really fit in. I thought this was a reunion, not a reliving of high school. But argh, it was both.

Maybe next reunion I'll have conquered all my insecurity issues and come back to meet my friends more confidently and authentically. I'm seriously thinking my only hope is yoga immersion or super intense psychotherapy. Oh man. How pathetic.

Really, though, there were some wonderful things I learned - one (thank you Tim), I have more friends than I thought I had. I was genuinely excited and happy to see everyone there. Our class was always so great about being kind and friendly with each other. That's only improved over time. two - I hung out with some great people in high school - truly compassionate, interesting, smart people. and three - high school really was filled with memorable moments - people and events that I don't want to forget or leave behind. And St. George is seriously one of the most beautiful places on the planet. How lucky I am that it was my home. How lucky I am that these great people are my friends.