Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Shoes

Emma started ballet a few weeks ago. She loves it!

Emma has new shoes of soft pink leather.

They are smooth enough to slide across the floor-

Chasse, chasse, chasse

and soft enough to tip toe tip toe in a circle

and light enough to leap and spin.

But dancing is more than shoes.

Emma has a new leotard and a pair of pink tights.

They are fuzzy enough to keep her muscles warm in a cold studio

and stretchy enough so she can bend and reach

plie, plie, grand plie.

But dancing is more than tights.

Emma has a new teacher - Miss Michelle.

She wears her hair in a bun, and plays beautiful soft music.

She teaches first position, point your toes.

Hold a beach ball in your arms, rounded just so.

But dancing is more than learning steps from a teacher.

Dancing takes practice, practice, and more practice.

It takes getting up and trying again after little slips

and not so graceful crashes.

And it takes love

So much love it fills your eyes and spills out over yous shoes until you can't be still.

But the shoes,

They're a great start.

Family Picture

This is our most recent family photo, taken after Tracy returned from Iraq this fall.

sweet dreams

My kids have all had the flu this week - the nasty, stick around for a week flu. They haven't slept well. TJ still hasn't returned to school. So, this past week, I went into Emma's room about 11 pm, as she was tossing and turning - long enough to catch this bit of sleep talking:

"Piff, puff, poof! Her fairy godmother appeared. 'You can't go to the ball like that!' she said."

Then she rolled over, snuggled under the covers and went back to her dream.
(It's a line from her favorite book, A Dream for a Princess, which she has memorized.)